Our Directors

Greg Oh
John Millard
Patricia OCallaghan
Suba Sankaran

Waleed Abdulhamid

City Choir is directed by a talented group of diverse Toronto musicians who bring innovative music to rehearsal from all corners of the world and from the many cultures found in Toronto. Listen to examples of what they taught us.

Gregory Oh “This is probably the only place in Toronto where you’ll be rehearsing R. Murray Schafer one minute, South Indian vocalizing the next, some Sudanese folk songs and then jumping to some bluegrass, all in the same hour.” More

John Millard “City Choir is a remarkable organization which is able to take full advantage of the professional guidance they receive from its directors. I learn from them every time I teach them!” More

Patricia O’Callaghan “City Choir is so full of heart! I always feel revitalised after our Tuesday evening rehearsals.More

Suba Sankaran “Choir singing is both very personal and very social, and City Choir brings such openness to the table. AND they willingly eat up anything I throw at them! Now let me find something new and brain-frying&More

Waleed Abdulhamid “It’s great to hear some of the songs I love being sung by my City Choir friends!More