Jamulus is a free, ad-free computer app that facilitates online group singing. Other apps like Zoom and Skype don’t allow multiple voices to be heard together. They prioritize one voice at a time overriding other simultaneous speakers.

Jamulus is instead designed to blend multiple voices into a coherent, whole, synchronous sound heard simultaneously by every singer.

Jamulus sends each singer’s audio input to a central Jamulus server. The server combines these audio feeds into one blended, synchronized sound which it sends back to each connected app. With the right hardware and Internet connection, the resulting return is fast enough to recreate the feeling of everyone being in the same room creating beautiful, connected music.

City Choir is committed to ensuring everyone can participate in the joy of community singing. We rehearse online primarily with Zoom and, for those capable, also with Jamulus. Those solely on Zoom can sing along to the harmonized Jamulus voices that are fed into Zoom. Unfortunately it only works one way as Zoom’s sound can’t be fed into Jamulus.

We offer one-one support to install and configure both Zoom and Jamulus. We also offer ongoing Zoom/Jamulus support in weekly group troubleshooting sessions and Best Practice webpages.

Join us and experience the joy of singing online together.