See and Hear Us

Starlight Starbright – City Choir Holiday Concert 2021
December 21, 2021. 7:30 p.m. On Zoom.

Concert highlights:

Due to the technical limitation of Zoom recordings, faces of some performers are not shown in these videos. We apologize to them and their fans.

Spring 2021 Concert, Live:

Welcome to the City Choir’s Spring 2021 concert. We hope you enjoy the recording of this live event originally broadcast on Tuesday, June 15, 2021.

We are proud to have presented most of these songs (see * note) during our show:
Seasons of Love – From the Broadway musical Rent
Mooshika Vaahana – Traditional south Indian ganesha shlokam
Bergan – Traditional African song
With Laughter and Singing – Traditional round
Mister Jones Round – Franz Schubert music with Patricia O’Callaghan lyrics
Rainbow Connection – From the Muppet Movie
Fox Song – From The Cave, John Millard music with Tomson Highway lyrics
Crow Song – From The Cave, John Millard music with Tomson Highway lyrics
* We’ve Only Just Begun – Pop song originally sung by the Carpenters
* Jambu Bwana – Kenyan folk/pop song sung in Swahili
Island in the Stream – Pop song popularized by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton

* The Jamulus audio feed stopped unexpectedly towards the end of our live performance. Because of this we were unable to sing two songs: We’ve Only Just Begun and Jambu Bwana.

    The following choristers worked hard to bring you this concert:

  • Sopranos: Ayse Kinnaird, Bavani Subramanian, Cathryn MacFarlane, Celia Harte, Christine Rothman, Caileigh Suline, Daryl Harding, Donna Hill, Helena Wehrstein, Isabel Mazzotta, Jean Dryden, Kate Lushington, Linda Weichel, Ruth Caspell, Shirley Aranha, Susan Kearns, Stacey Iseman, Tina Csathy, Tina de Geus.
  • Altos: Anne Donald, Arianne Schaffer, Ava Patroni, Barb Thomas, Brenda Somers, Deborah Barndt, Janice Sellers, Jennifer Watkins, Liane Chatterton, Lindsay Kertland, Laura Wood, Melanie Rego, Vicki O’Donnell.
  • Tenors:, Alan Hahn, Eleanor Wachtel, Johanne Pulker, Liz Addison, Louis George, Paul Scott, Rosa Spricer, Sarah Fine.
  • Bass/Baritones: Aries Cheung, Byron Moldofsky, Chandra Mukkavalli, John Ford, Lloyd Mathias, Michael White, Sullivan Dyment.

April 2021 Coffee House Performance Excerpt:

2020 J and Z Rap:

2019 Promotion Video:

Selected excerpts of songs:

Instead of Song – Exceprt

Summer Nights – Exceprt

Seasons of Love – Exceprt

Doha – Exceprt

Solkattu Choir – Exceprt

Love is Like a Bicycle – Exceprt